Seven Days Cruises

“Jamieson Cruise”

1st day /night – Cruise from Lake Eildon Marina to Big River. Select a suitable mooring in Big River from the map, and confirm this by inspection on arrival as sites do alter in attractiveness at different times of the year. The trip from Lake Eildon Marina to Big River, to an area such as the stretch between Kelly’s Creek and Heffernan Creek, will take you approximately 2½ hours. Big river generally provides excellent fishing, calm anchorages and beautiful scenery.

2nd day/night – Allen Bay is a nice quiet spot beyond Gough’s Bay. The travelling time from the Big River anchorage would be approximately 2½ hours. Alternatively, you could go into the Howqua Inlet to the area of Mac’s Cove, which is about 3 hours cruising from Big River.

3rd day/night – The third day could see you pressing on to Jamieson, cruising approximately 2½ hours. Moor just below the Jamieson Hotel/Motel (dependant upon the water level). On your way up to the Jamieson Hotel, you must follow the old river course keeping to the obviously deep water. Two nights could be spent in this area.

5th day/night – On the return trip you could select the alternative of Allen Bay or Howqua that you did not use on the way up.

6th day/night – The next day you could leave the Howqua area and cruise some 2 hours to the Wilson Inlet which branches off Jerusalem Creek.

7th day/night – Could see you tucked away near the pines. This leaves only a short trip back into the harbour on your final mooring, so that you can be unloaded before 9am.

“Bonnie Doon Cruise”

1st day night – Cruise from the Lake Eildon Marina to Aird Inlet or Stone Bay. This trip, travelling leisurely, should take you approximately 2 hours. There are some beautiful grassy banks in this area for mooring and the surroundings are most attractive. Remember that this is Lake Eildon National Park and no shooting or dogs are allowed in this area. You will be unlucky not to see large mobs of kangaroos in the top end of Mountaineer Creek on the left hand side in the evening.

2nd day/night – Move out of the Stone Bay area, and travel up the Delatite to bonnie Doon. The Bonnie Doon Township is not very far from the water and a short walk will take you to bonnie Doon shopping centre, which has a licenced grocery. Depending upon wind direction, you can moor in Mitchell Bay or Mrs. Bon Bay for the night.

3rd day/night – the next day leave Brankeet Inlet back into the Delatite Arm, head in the direction of Walsh Cove. You will find pleasant moorings with spectacular views of the pine plantation anywhere along the southern bank.

4th day/night – If you want to move on, come back down the Delatite to either Maintongoon or Woolshed Inlet. Very good Redfin fishing in this area.

5th day/night – Pull out of Maintongoon or Woolshed and go down the Delatite Arm to the Boat Harbour, (call in for petrol, groceries and any other requirements) and head up the Goulburn Arm Past Jerusalem Creek, to either Sawers Bay or Beattie Bay.

6th day/night – From Beattie Bay or Sawers Bay, move up the Big river to approximately Heffernan Creek. There is good trout fishing all through this area, both trolling and bank casting.

7th day/night – Travel down from Big River to Rennie Inlet. This would give you a very short run across to the Boat Harbour, enabling you to be berthed and unloaded before 9am.

Weekend and Five Day Cruises

All of the legs of seven day cruises only represent 2 to 3 hours travelling at a slow cruising speed. Therefore any part of these trips can be more concentrated to suit your purpose.