Services we offer to all houseboat owners from all marinas on Lake Eildon are:

  • Safe houseboat slipping and transport with our own truck and specially designed houseboat trailer.
  • Houseboat storage with daily or long term rates available with on site security.
  • Powered and watered houseboat storage sites available on secure hardstand areas for DIY or on-site contractors.
  • Clean toilet and shower amenities for all clients.
  • Environmentally safe sandblasting bays for all pontoon maintenance.
  • Factories of all sizes for rent for commercial or private use.

Please feel free to call in and visit our existing tenants Anchorage Houseboats, the Houseboat Factory, Status Luxury Houseboats, JCR Houseboat Services & Liquid Assets Houseboats.

For all enquiries please call BJ on 0425 820 806.